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Matted Heroes of the Blues Card Set


Matted Cards

These cards look great when they're displayed together. We've done the hard part for you, matting them. You can display them as-is, or have them framed. A great presentation anywhere in a blues-lover' more

Heroes of the Blues Card set mounted behind a custom beveled edge mat.

It looks fantastic in person — a wonderful presentation.

This is a set of R. Crumb’s “Heroes of the Blues” trading cards hand-mounted behind a beautiful custom mat on 1/4″ foam core. You will not see these mounted like this anywhere. They can be hung as-is or framed now or at your leisure.

We have done a few of these around the holidays for a few years, but not many. So if you want a unique and very impressive gift for that special blues friend in your life, act now!

The dimensions are 28″ x 23″

This item is hand-assembled and there is quite a bit of labor involved in the assembly. The cost of the custom mat,  which was cut specifically for this set of cards, and the time and materials required to pack it securely accounts for the cost, which includes shipping.

Originally released in 1980 by Yazoo Records, the blues set was re-released in 2004 by publisher Dennis Kitchen. The cards are unique and informative tributes to the cream of the genre’s seminal practitioners, each artist wonderfully rendered in full color by legendary cartoonist R. Crumb, himself an early American Music devotee.

Heroes of the Blues features 36 of the genre’s most influential and imitated practitioners, from Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Son House and Big Bill Broonzy , to lesser-known but no less accomplished progenitors like Blind Blake and Memphis Minnie. Biographer Stephen Calt documents the origins of the performers as well as the number of sides they recorded and their respective places in blues history. This is a great place for budding rock players to get a feel for where it all began.

These cards are quite informative, with insights and little-known facts about each performer, and the illustrations are superb. It is a very desireable gift for fans of early American Music or of R. Crumb.